Where are My Instagram Followers From? Guide to Learn Followers Geographics

Posted by: admin on November 12, 2020


    When it comes to crafting your social media marketing strategy, you need to know Instagram follower demographics. If you want to become successful on Instagram, you must learn more about your followers like where they are from, what’s their age, and likes and dislikes. 

    Know your audience:

    it’s a phrase that you have often heard. Users have questions about where my Instagram followers are from. Knowing your audience helps you create all those contents and posts which make a great buzz on Instagram. 

    Starter Users

    Do you know how an Instagram user turns into an influencer? He selects a niche and targets a specific audience. Through analytics, he gets to know his audience and then create content to attract an audience of any particular country or age. In simple words, you can bring relevancy into your account for a specific set of audience by learning more about followers geographics. 

    Difference  in Interests

    People from the USA have different interests than people from India. When it comes to marketing strategy, users have common questions in mind where do my followers live. If your followers live in India, you will design content based on the Indian audience’s interests and likes. You can increase your reach to potential customers by learning all about followers’ geography. 

    Where are my followers from Instagram?

    Are you looking for an answer to these questions? Well, the simple answer is to check insight through Instagram analytics. You can access these analytics only when you SWITCH to a Business or CREATOR account. Through analytics and insight options, you would know the top cities and countries of your followers. 

    Not just that, you get to know Follower’s demographics, and at what time they stay online, what their age is, and their gender.

    So, when you are checking the insights of your followers. Where your followers live isn’t the only info to add value to your social media marketing. Another great information is gender and age. 

    If you are selling handbags, you would like to target women. And if your target audience is teen girls, you would be interested to know all about your audience’s age.

    How to Check where my followers from Instagram?

    Here is what you need to do.

    • Open Instagram Application
    • Click on the Menu icon available on the top right side.
    • Choose Insights from the Drop Down Menu.
    • When you open the Insight page, click on the audience tab to know all about the Followers’ demographics.
    • You can get an idea of how many followers you have, the number of people following you, and the number of people unfollowed you.
    • Scroll down and tap on locations. Here you can see the top 5 countries and cities from where your Instagram followers are.
    • Keep scrolling down if you want to know about your followers’ gender and age, and below this, you would know all about hours and time when your followers are online.

    Can I access historical Instagram follower geographics? 

    When it comes to checking followers’ geographics on Instagram, you can access an insight of only the last seven days. You won’t be able to access historical insights.

    What to do if you want to take a look into historical data of your followers’ geographics? In that case, you need to rely on Instagram analytical tools provided by third-party.

    How do I gain Instagram followers from specific geographics?

    If you want to target a specific country or city audience, you need to create content about that target audience. For this purpose, you need to research other country-specific Instagram accounts to get an idea of what they are posting and how to get attention from a country-specific audience. 

    Your content marketing strategy is all about location-based posts. Whenever you create a new post, add a tag of that specific country to provide details of the location. This way, your post will be categorized through country tags or locations. Whenever a country is interested in a page related to your niche, then your Instagram page will become a part of its search results.

    Use Country or city-specific Tag

    1. Add your Location
    2. Mention Event captions and Tag related to a country
    3. If you’re at the beginning of your Instagram journey, you may be more concerned about building your audience than analyzing it. But a tactical approach can help you reach a defined demographic group. 
    4. Adjust your brand voice according to your target location. A voice for a corporate audience will be formal, while you can target local audiences through a casual voice. Your voice must feel true to the user’s personality. 
    5. Keep your content relevant. Talk about local events and current societal issues of a country. 
    6. Get an idea from your competitor, check the audience network, and craft content accordingly.

    Use Third-Party Analytics tools.

    There are tons of third-party analytical tools that offer a wide range of insight compared to native Instagram analytics. If you want to know where your followers are, then you need to install an application and use them to access more details about your Follower’s country, live location, and other things. Below I’m going to share details of some analytical tools that offer the best insight. 


    It is one of the best Instagram analytical tools with a dedicated dashboard about followers’ demographics and geographics. Whether you want to know about the gender of your followers or its country, this application proves quite helpful. Once you add your Instagram profile to this application, it would start tracking. You can analyze account performance and followers’ information daily, monthly, and weekly. It’s all about setting filters and getting information.

    As you know, Instagram’s native analytical tools provide information on only the top 5 cities and countries. What if you want to know about other countries? In that case, Napoleon Cat lets you discover the world map and get answers to questions about where do my followers live. If you want to discuss a content plan with your team of expert marketers, this tool lets you download Instagram followers’ demographics. So, you can design a location-based plan for reaching more audiences in a specific city or country.

    If you want to know more about a specific country, this analytical tool lets you make the most of the free stats browser. You need to pick a country in the world and get an idea about your Instagram followers’ location.

    Popular Chips 

    Another third-party tool to access detailed insight into your Instagram account is Popular Chips. You can begin with a free trial and pay subscriptions to unlock additional features. This platform is designed for influencer discovery. What you would like about this portal is that it offers more precise insight than other tools. It’s relatively easy to know the minimum percentage of likes, engagement rates, and average comments per Follower’s age and location. 

    In case you want to check historical data analytics, it would offer you deep insight into your past content. You can locate Instagram followers by country from its dashboard. 


    Another influencer program that would help you know about your followers’ location and the country is SYLO. You need to give authorization access to SYLO to get access to more in-depth insights into your account and audience. This application starts gathering data once a user connects an account with it. You can dissect data and information through many different filters of demographics, geographic, and industry verticals. Making a country-specific marketing plan won’t be a challenge for you. For getting additional information, you need to pay money for this tool.


    It is an Artificial Intelligence power data Analytical tool that you can use to know more about your followers on Twitch, Youtube, and Instagram. Tons of stats are accessible on its dashboard. If you are wondering how to see where your Instagram followers are from, you need to tap on a location and then pick a country or city for detailed information. You can know all about states’ and cities’ details of your audience and then create a content plan based on data you grabbed from the insight.


    Klear is one of the best influencer marketing platforms where you can make a discovery about the top influencers and get access to third-party analytics. People can get answers to questions where my followers live on Instagram from its dashboard. This portal uses algorithms and AI to breakdown complex location and demographic data about the audience. You get to know about location and country through this tool very quickly.

    Wrap Up

    If you want to get one week’s details of your Instagram follower location, Instagram’s native insight is a good one. You need to Switch to either the Creator or Business account to get all details. However, when it comes to making a full-fledged marketing plan for your brand, seven days’ details and limited countries’ information isn’t good enough. It would help if you relied on third-party analytical tools to know more about the audience and then devise a plan as per their likes and dislikes. You would be able to discover your audience’s location-based information and then come up with a social media marketing plan that would let you reach a wider audience.