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You should be a consistent contributor to your profile. While posting consistently, you may find if tough to purchase likes for every post. Auto IG Likes is a subscription that detects the new post automatically and deliver likes.

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Here, we share the insightful perspectives on social media marketing. You can learn  about social media marketing strategies and topics linked to Instagram.

Best Tips to Increase your Real Followers and Likes on Instagram 

Not everyone wants to buy followers as people get scammed when their profile gets loaded with robotic followers and likes (definitely it will not be the case with services by followers cart UK). One should know how to increase real followers and likes on Instagram. Your success depends on real people; even when you buy automatic followers, you won’t attain any benefit from this growth in the long run. Want to know how to get attention from real followers who can like your posts? If yes, then I would like to share some tips and tricks below. 

Most Amazing Photos 

Visual quality matters the most on Instagram. When you post a low-quality image, you won’t get the attention you deserve. Therefore, you don’t need to post ordinary pictures. Make some efforts and upload only good quality pictures. A good idea here is to buy a digital camera and take photographs with it. In case you are not in the mood to spend extra money, another idea is to download photo editing applications and use quality photo camera applications. In this manner, you will get a picture with optimal aesthetic value. The more amazing photos you post on your Instagram account, the more likes you will get from Instagram users.

Write Interesting Captions 

No one likes to read standard stuff and boring captions. If you want to boost other people’s interest in your post, you better come up with creative, interesting, and engaging captions. Some people add humor elements into their captions while others go sarcastic. The main idea is to keep your post interesting enough to get likes from Instagram followers.

Set your Time Table On Instagram

You have heard many times that people who post consistently on Instagram can increase more likes and followers on Instagram, and it’s a big fact- no one denies that.  Therefore, if you are serious about improving your real Instagram followers, you need to be a bit serious about your posting schedule. So, the main idea is to set some time tables. In your Instagram’s insight, you can see when more followers are online. Now you need to come to every other day and post at the exact time. This way, you can get more followers and likes on your post as many followers are online, and they expect a new post from your side since you are consistent.

Get Help from Engagement Group

Let’s suppose your Instagram account is all about a specific topic such as lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, etc. Now what you need to do is to join engagement groups related to your topic. You can join engagement groups on Facebook and share your account on these groups. This method is most useful to increase Instagram followers and likes because you get attention from like-minded communities whose members are ready to support you if you do the same for them.

Ask for Likes

I know that sounds a bit confusing, but it works. If you want to get more likes on your photos, then all you have to do is make a humble request. For example, when you post a picture, you can write in the caption “Please like my photo”  or try this “Your like will put a smile on my face.” This tip for increasing likes on Instagram also works on Twitter. People often ask to please retweet by post, and it’s how they get more attention on Twitter; you can get the same result on Instagram.

Like first to Get a Like 

Do you want more likes on Instagram? Another tip is to try the “Give and Take” rule. According to this, the more like you give, the more you will get. This rule is simple. First, you will give likes to other people’s posts. They will notice you, and it’s how you will take more likes on your account. Pretty simple! Isn’t it?

Run a Giveaway 

It is one of the tried and tested methods for increasing followers on Instagram.  You need to give away a gift. People will participate in your giveaway. Ask others to tag their friends on your giveaway post. The more people they would tag on your Instagram account, the higher chances they will get to win a special gift from you. People love free stuff. They won’t mind tagging their friends to get some gifts from you. 

Make the Most of Geoagging

It is one of the best tips to increase Instagram followers. When you publish a new post, don’t forget to add your location. People would know where you are located. By putting a geotag on your location, you can strategically put your account on-location search. When people explore the location, they will discover your profile during this. Thereby, getting more likes and followers on your account will become pretty simple.

Add Related Hashtags

When you are going to publish a post, try to add related and niche-specific hashtags. Try to add more than ten tags in one post. People who would search Instagram through tags would find out your post and earn a real follower or like from a human being. 

Keep an Eye on Competitor

It is one of the best tips to increase real followers on Instagram. You need to do a competitor analysis. Compare your account’s post with competitors. Look into his captions, hashtags, and other stuff. The purpose of the study is to make a list of hashtags and creative ideas that you can try on your account to get the same amount of followers as your competitors already have. What’s working for them will work for you too.

Engage with Similar Accounts

You need to engage yourself with similar accounts. For example, if you post all about fashion, then find some accounts related to fashion. You need to repost content from fashion magazines and leave some comments on top influencers to get attention.

Use Right Filters

Instagram is all about creating enticing posts. When you make a new post, instead of using the same filter, try some new stuff. Switch from one filter to another to find out what works best for you. Besides, use stickers, questions, emojis, and other Instagram features so that your post looks attractive, and you can gain more real followers on social media.